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About Us

CASEA AcademyTM is the Learning Business Division of CASEA-BCTM, Singapore headquartered commercial company that provides integrated business supports for business community of

. Students,

. Aspiring Entrepreneurs,

. Start-ups,

. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and

. Universities / Higher-Education Institutions

in 16 countries in Central Asia and South East Asia regions.

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To achieve its Uber Vision, the Dream 2051TM, CASEA-BCTM is hard-coding 2 DNAs into itself, namely Learning and Sustainability.

CASEA AcademyTM, carrying one of the 2 DNAs, supports Members of CASEA-BCTM (CASEAnsTM) develop their entrepreneurial capabilities through Learning, Building their Businesses profitably and Contributing to a sustainable future.

Learning enables us to think for ourselves, explore and discover meaning that matters to us. A learning mind is a curious mind that questions old paradigms and explores new ways to grow responsible business with positive impact on the society and the environment.

Learning is the way of life of the CASEAnsTM .

Our mission is to create an environment and enablers that support CASEAnsTM develop their knowledge, skills and passion through a process of Self-Learning & Life-long Learning.

To enable this, CASEA AcademyTM  has developed a  proprietary learning framework of Know–Practise–GrowTM (KPGTM) that supports the CASEAnsTM.

Management Team of CASEA AcademyTM

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