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Effective Marketing Strategies

Administrator · 24 July 2021

Discover How You Can Get More Clients and Retain Them so That They Make Repeated Purchases (and Make More Money)

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This Effective Marketing Strategies course is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners and addresses and addresses  the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners in marketing. It will help the business owners to design an effective marketing strategy and to retain your customers to form a customer base and teachs various marketing techniques such as Google ads, Facebook ads as well as teaching the importance of social media.  A practical way to implement all of the above is recommended at the end.

What will you gain?

This course will teach the small business owners and entrepreneurs 1) how they  will be able to design marketing campaigns that will achieve results and talk intelligently with their marketing agent. 2) be able to develop a system of retaining customers.

Who will benefit?

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are struggling in their business with marketing concerns such as not having a consistent marketing plan and having difficulties acquiring more customers for their business and retaining them for more sales.

Course Instructor

Dr Douglas Kong is a Business Coach that specialized in helping small businesses to be profitable and scaling up from there. He helps businesses to double, triple  and even 10x the value of their business and to dominate their niche. His background is in psychology and is a specialist in psychological techniques to help people overcome obstacles in their lives.

He is a speaker, workshop leader and author and has written 5 books with 2 books on business growth and business strategy and has authored more than 40 articles on business management and leadership on his blog.

Douglas believes in excellence in all that he does, thus while practicing as a psychological professional he has a track record of getting up to two thirds of his clients to recover completely by means of psychological treatment techniques. Currently helping business owners, he gives of his best to help them achieve business excellence. His analytical skills and academic background mean that he is able to get to the root of business and organizational challenges.

Douglas is married with 2 adult children. His hobbies include reading, chess, music, photography, fitness and golf. He is author of the books: How to Grow Your Business and Double Its Value Within 2 Years, Breakthrough Strategies for Struggling Entrepreneurs.

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About this Course
Expected Outcomes
Chief Concerns of SMEs

Definition of Marketing

Marketing Research
Enterprise- Customer Interface
Business Development

Marketing Campaigns

Types of Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy
Your niche
Your brand

Marketing Tactics

Marketing Tactics
Search Advertising – Google Ads
Interruptive Marketing – Facebook Ads
Social Media

Psychology of Influence

Why people buy from you

Running a Marketing Campaign

How to instruct your marketer
How to run a marketing campaign

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How CRM Helps You
What a CRM can do
A sample CRM file


Conclusion & Next steps


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