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Administrator · 9 August 2021

Turn Passion Into Profit – Get More Income From Freelancing

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Course Introduction

Nicsman Tay will be sharing the secrets on how to make money on Freelancepreneur: Freelance to Entrepreneur. Turn your talents and skills into a multi-million dollar business! These are the common FAQs often lead you to being curious:

What will you gain?

1) Are you a freelancer facing too many challenges?

2) Don’t know how much you should charge?

3) Feeling lost on how to deal with clients who always change scope of work?

4) How to find more clients?

5) Want to be a full time freelancer and grow into a business but feeling afraid?

6) What to do when the bank doesn’t recognize freelancing as a job, but you need to buy your car and house?

Who will benefit?

Individuals, who has skills and aspired to be your own boss.

Course Facilitators

Nicsman Tay

Nicsman Tay started freelancing since 18 years old. While studying, he consistently made at least RM3,000 every month. He had done projects for multinational brands such as Milo, Nescafe, Maxis and many more. Nicsman Tay then transformed his freelance business into an agency, and his first agency got acquired by a company group. Still wanting to work on his passion, he started another agency, BrandSight. BrandSight grew 500% in the past 2 years and has served more than 80 clients. Brandsight has since signed a multi-million dollar merger & acquisition deal.

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Freelance Masterclass

Freelance Masterclass

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