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Administrator · 14 July 2021

Podcasts – The new marketing tool

You are looking for newer ways to market your product or service. Podcasts are an effective tool to do content marketing in this crowded marketplace. Learn the basics of podcasting to grow your business.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Business?

Most courses out there would just give you information about the subject, but may never handhold you through your learning journey and also give you an opportunity & ecosystem to implement the skills learnt. Joining this course will enable you to

  • Find new ways to market your product/service
  • Provide better value to your customers
  • Influence your customer perception about your products & services
  • Grow your business

Your Course Facilitator & Director – Christina Choo

Christina is a Master of Art (Research and Practice) and a lecturer from The Glasgow School of Art in partnership with SIT. She has been teaching the art of moving images and coaching communication design for 7 years. She taught digital audio and video production at ITE College East for 5 years before that.

She has been a passionate and decorated freelance filmmaker for 18 years and her accolades include winning best picture in the Korean Film Festival, the Boston Film Festival and earning a screening at the Cannes Film Festival’s short film corner. Having piloted successful collaborative projects for students in both ITE and GSA, she not only has an extensive reach in the freelance and media industries, but also access to thousands of passionate and loyal alumni who are still reaching out to her.

Course Curriculum


Course Welcome
How To Get The Most Out Of This Course 
How To Use This Website And Get Support

Podcasting 101: Getting the basics right

What is a Podcast?
Why Podcasting is Successful
Content Marketing
Content Mastery – Substance & Entertainment
Hosting starts WAY before the show
Hosting Guests
Prepare for Murphy to Strike
Module Summary

Podcasting 201: Best Marketing Toolkit

Personalization Model of Marketing
Generation of Distractions
Making it Personal
FAB is Over
Reticular Activating System
Product Data vs Market Data
Perceived Value
Selling the Convenience
Logger’s Selling Time
Leave on a High
Presence is Groomed, not born
Finding your map
Section Summary


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