Administrator · 22 April 2022

As women in business, we strive for the best for our BUSINESS but at the same time, we are mindful of building strong and sustainable RELATIONSHIPS, we are also careful to maintain the correct IMAGE and take good care of having the right MENTAL ATTITUDE.

This BRIM podcast series is hence aimed at busy women in business, women on the go and women in general who wish to learn from each other through these bite size recordings.

IWFCIS BRIM Podcast is a collaboration between IWFCI Singapore and World Speech Day and World Speech Day Women.

What will you gain?

  • While our own experiences can shape us, learning from each other can further strengthen us as well. 

Who will benefit?

  • Women in business, professional women, women and even men in general

Course Facilitator Profile:

IWFCI Singapore


Rhonda L Bowen: Quality (seven aspects) of communication in building authentic relationships
Jabu Zwane: Understanding Mental Wellness
Dr Astera Brylka: Refining Your Mindset As A Female Entrepreneur
Jenny Ho: Wellness as an Indicator for Business Sustainability
Diana Abruzzi: The Resilience of Women When Adapting To Change
Emma Koh: Energy Behind Numbers
Jennifer Lim Poh Ngo: Know Thy Self, Thy Dreams Matter®️