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Administrator · 20 August 2021

Mastering Entrepreneurship by Learning From Mistakes

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The best learning comes from the mistakes that we make. It is good to learn from others’ mistakes & how they overcame their mistakes to succeed. Through these podcasts & webinars, you can dip into the experience of other Entrepreneurs to get inspired from their experiences.

Let’s learn from the mistakes shared by Seasoned Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Business experts in Central Asia and South East Asia countries.

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Vincent Chia

Vincent Chia is the Head of CASEA Entrepreneurship Business. 

Prior to this, he was the Customer Success Team Manager for ASEAN with London Stock Exchange – Refinitiv for 15 years. He was awarded as one of the best employees in ASEAN at CEO’s circle 2008. He focused on delivering insightful training on financial market trends and providing intuitive pricing for financial products to all major banks. In addition, he was involved in providing consultation on platform implementation to Regional Central Banks and Futures Exchanges.

Currently he is an adjunct lecturer with an University on data technologies and financial modelling and he is one of the course developers for Blockchain Technology course. He is also involved in robotic training and automation for young adults and he is exploring business opportunities that will bring Bio-technology from Russia to Singapore.

He is the organiser for a meetup group called Singapore Fintech Evolution with members from Singapore, China and Russia. Vincent speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Russian. In his leisure time, Vincent loves to practise Tai-Chi martial art, take photos and travel to enjoy nature and cultures.

Learning From Prisca Lim 

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Learning from Vincent Ho

Vincent Ho Podcast-1
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