2. What is the difference between CASEA Learners’ Club™ and CASEA Learning Bazaar™ ?

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What is CASEA Learners’ Club™?

CASEA Learners’ Club™ is an exclusive club for the CASEAns™ (members of CASEA-BC™) to learn more about Business and Entrepreneurship from each other, fellow Entrepreneurs, Business Experts, Business Facilitators / Coaches / Mentors from 16 countries of Central Asia and South East Asia regions.

CASEA Learners’ Club™ is not a normal Business Club or Learning Club.

It is offline and online Business Learning club, with offline and online business and learning activities to support the CASEAns™ in their journey to be Self-Learners and Life-Long Learners.

*CASEA Learning Bazaar™ is one of the programmes that are available for Members of CASEA Learners’ Club™. There will be many programmes in near future.

What is CASEA Learning Bazaar™?

CASEA Learning Bazaar™ is an exclusive program and a common place where members of CASEA Learners’ Club™ can self-learn a variety of business knowledge and skills such as sales, marketing, finance, human resources, communications, operations and many more.

Every month, new knowledge and skills programmes are added into the CASEA  Learning Bazaar™! 

*To access the CASEA Learning Bazaar™, you must be a Member of CASEA Learners’ Club™.

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