7. What is the relationship between CASEA Academy™ and CASEA-BC™?

Category: CASEA Academy™
  • Central Asia and South East Asia Business Chamber (CASEA-BC™) as Holding Company of the CASEA group of businesses has Uber Vision called “CASEA Dream 2051™”. To achieve this Uber Vision, CASEA-BC™ adopts 2 DNAs in everything that it does. The 2 DNAs are Learning DNA and Sustainability DNA.
  • CASEA Academy™ as sister company of CASEA-BC™ holds the Learning DNA of the CASEA group of businesses. Internally CASEA Academy™ supports all learning requirements within CASEA-BC™. Externally CASEA Academy™ is the main driver and the front runner of CASEA-BC™ in regards to exercising the Learning DNA.

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